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The 'top 5' - a perennial trope in hip hop convos which has bled into and melded with wider fandom culture. There's something addictive about it - the ritualistic exchange, the economical boldness, the obsessive curation. I've had many great music convos with friends spurred on by top 5 picks, so I decided to start documenting them. Each episode focuses on a different artist / scene / topic, with the top 5 question framed accordingly.

Just like my blog, it's always more about providing for the palette of the uninitiated over exciting the egos of gatekeepers. Each episode comes with a playlist of tracks mentioned.

Ep 4: Hot Takes!

Paniz and Asad give us some hot/lukewarm takes on music and general culture. 

Ep 3: The Influence of DOOM

Legendary rapper MF DOOM passed away last year, but his iconic legacy endures. HHS founders Dario, Avish and Asad discuss the many ways he's influenced hip hop, his insane rhyming ability + persona-driven style, and of course their top 5 tracks.

Ep 2: The Come Up

Rahman and Asad chat about up-and-coming artists, the process of developing a following and the role concerts, labels, streaming, social media, algorithms and listening habits play. All whilst plugging plenty of underrated talented.

Ep 1: The Kanye Story

Asad and Avish talk through one of the most recognisable names in music: Kanye West.

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