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Crackerstan is a pilot sitcom episode about three brown university students. The episode focuses on the meme-ification of racism.

The Pith

The Pith is a short story about loving in the liminal space between the advent of trauma and the afterglow of moving past.

Home / Screen

Home / Screen is a short story that follows Abbas, who has claimed small-time fame as a rapper. Following the loss of his mother and turbulence in his obsessive relationship with social media, we see him grasp for meaning through his grief and confusion, both in the familiar lanes of weed and social media use and the more detached lane of religion.

Home / Screen has now been published in Gut Publishing's new anthology, Cyber Smut, which you can order from their website.

Binary Ibadah

Binary Ibadah is a short story that follows Isra, who becomes increasingly anxious as she learns of her fiancé’s plans for developing a Quran-based artificial intelligence that presents Islamic teachings in an inauthentic, edited and stylised form.

Rhineland Bastards

Rhineland Bastards, a stage play I wrote at 17, follows a group of Afro-Germans in the Rhineland during the rise of the Nazi party. The teenage outcasts are confronted with questions of pride, acceptance and survival whilst defining their individual identities. The play was long listed for the National Theatre's New Views competition.

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