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Mini-review: TO FEEL ALIVE EP - Kali Uchis


Artist: Kali Uchis

Label: Interscope Records

Top Tracks: honey baby; TO FEEL ALIVE

For Fans Of: SZA; ABRA

10 minutes

Kali Uchis has outdone herself with this one, proving her potential beyond the stellar discography she’s already built up. In four songs and 10 minutes, she paints pure impact with a palette as vibrant as a full album. The tracks glide beautifully into one another both sonically and thematically as Kali recounts the stages of a short but intense flame love-affair. On ‘honey baby’ Kali’s inflecting voice brings together lullabying keys, bird song and easy trap and bass layers like, well, honey. She fawns over the eternal sunshine of mutual belonging and longing. ‘angel’ captures the soothing high of the love-drug, with Kali taking a more mellow vocal approach over bass-buried synth runs that climb and fall like a tide. Things shift as diffuse keys over a pulsing drum on ‘i want war’ express a falling off a tightrope of infatuation into neighbouring insanity. The EP ends with ‘TO FEEL ALIVE’, an awakening from the entire experience, as Kali is left to reflect on the void that a short, intense period of infatuation leaves; a void it was there to fill all along. Teasing, climbing strings are the plain backdrop for Kali’s stretched vocals and pained lyrics, gripped with emotion. The urge to immediately hit pay again is telekinetic, and an effective metaphor for the cyclical nature of desire.

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