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Asad Raja

I saw the Home Page and I ain't know what to write
First line, should it be bold or just nice and polite?

Two-twos food for thought, that gora brown rice? Codeswitch on them nice. 

Chat rare - big steak, or raw - big stick, got to be big but what type?

Or stake a claim to speaking on the brown man's plight?

At the Masjid asked my man to the right when he was near
What this life look like, should I create or engineer?


I like music - my music tastes are broad but I'm particularly obsessed with hip hop (see the reference above to Nas' Late Registration verse). I even founded a hip hop society at Imperial (the place that has dubbed me 'Master of Mechanical Engineering'). And I like writing - I like to explore identity conflicts in my fiction.


This website comprises my music blog, my fiction pieces and my engineering projects. Explore, find out more about me, and hopefully gain something! Subscribe for updates at the bottom of this page.

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